How to buy eye lamp for pupil?

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Family has children, is another year summer holiday, children all sorts of busy ~!

As living standards have improved, parents have become increasingly concerned about their children's health problems, and the most common ones are those whose eyesight has declined so much that they are short-sighted.

Now students spend an hour or two on homework every night, and the lamp seems to be a necessity for homework. There are so many kinds of lamps in the market, which kind of lamp is the most protective? What aspects should be considered in the selection process of eye protection lamp? LED eye lamp expert - guangzhou lanshuai lighting to you one by one.

The lamp that chooses an appropriate, protective eye should consider from the following aspects: light source, color temperature, brightness, optical processing technology.

Light source: up to now, there are four kinds of light sources on the market: incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps and LED lights.

Advantages of incandescent lamp: no stroboscopic, high chromaticity. Cons: heat up. (table lamp is used as close range illumination, because it is close to the head and lasts for a long time. When using incandescent lamp as the light source, the most intuitive reaction is the dry eyes and the swelling of the mind.

Advantage of energy-saving lamp: compare save electricity, life is longer than incandescent lamp. Disadvantages: the light source is unstable, the color temperature is high, as the close distance light is easy to shake the eye.

The desk lamp of fluorescent lamp, although some vendors claim is trichromatic lamp, but essentially is the use of phosphors glow as the medium, the three primary colors is just a gimmick, and tricolor phosphors due to the use of color, far worse than ordinary monochromatic fluorescent light, so is not recommended

LED lights: LED lights are widely promoted by countries around the world due to their long life, green environmental protection, light and sunshine. Some European and American countries are now fully popularized. Qualified LED lights line pure, high color rendering index, long life, and due to its nature of the light emitting diode, a direct current power supply must be used to work, it's essentially determines its no radiation, no stroboscopic, is a real eye light source.

Color temperature: the commonly used color temperature mainly has 3 kinds: 3000K, 5000K, around 6000K.

Around 3000 k color temperature is the representative of the most common incandescent lamp, light yellow, make the person feels warmer, but the feeling on the vision brightness enough is enough, this kind of color temperature are usually used to create atmosphere, with more in the rooms, show a warm feeling.

The color temperature is about 5000K, and the color temperature of the sun at 9 o 'clock in the morning, the light is light yellow, bright and won't feel harsh, and it will be very comfortable to cooperate with the appropriate brightness.

Around 6000 k color temperature, the most common is the energy-saving lamps, pure white light, the feeling on the vision is very bright, if use it in as close the lighting on desk lamp, due to its light pale, make people will feel its anti the vision, also feel very uncomfortable.

Now on the market, meanwhile, there are some LED lamps which can color temperature, due to the color temperature of LED light source design is fixed, so this kind of desk lamp USES is two different color of light source with different ratio of brightness, change the function of light color, in order to achieve this kind of desk lamp should be accurate sense dimming color lamp, desk lamp, not including color temperature also because of its light mixing two kinds of color, make the light clutter is not pure, can also cause some damage to the eyes.

Brightness: the appropriate brightness can make the light more soft and comfortable.

Brightness is too light we will feel dazzling, brightness is too dark and makes us see things difficult, so the appropriate brightness is very necessary, but thanks to everyone for luminance sensitivity difference is very big, so the desk lamp of ordinary hard to satisfied with everyone for the personalized requirements of light, and to achieve the purpose of the eye, real suitable brightness is very necessary, so the desk lamp of choose and buy when best buy can adjust the desk lamp of light. (a light table lamp refers to a non-polarized light, that is, a smooth dimming rather than a graded dimming. Some of the lamps with graded dimming are essentially indistinguishable from the undimmed lamps, so it is not appropriate to meet the individual needs of each individual.

Optical processing: because the light emitted by the lamp can be mixed with other light, and may have glare, reasonable optical processing technology becomes very necessary. Guangzhou lang handsome lighting technology co., LTD., the fusion of eye health and energy saving fashion concept, focus on the high-end LED the desk lamp that shield an eye such as product design, research and development, production, sales and service, using specially designed for desk lamp chip, has a unique optical processing technology, the infinite dimming technology, side light technology, make the light light even, soft, satisfy the ease of use and maximum protect sight health.