The advantages and the purchasing skill of led lamp

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Now society, more and more in the number of youngsters eye myopia, eye of teenagers absolute is necessary, is also very important, today small make up to introduce the led the desk lamp that shield an eye for teenagers. Mainly from three aspects for you introduction, introduction, advantages, shopping. Let's hear more about this.

Introduction to led lamp lamp.

Lamps and lanterns is one of the most common household appliances in daily life and study. And really can call health, green, environmental protection, and can protect the lamps and lanterns of the eyes should be relegated to the latest led the desk lamp that shield an eye, the real good quality led the desk lamp that shield an eye really able to provide the most natural light, the eye of natural light adaptability is strong, visual effect is better. So to protect your eyesight, please choose an led lamp with good quality.

LED lighting is a kind of green light source, as the third generation after the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp lighting technology development achievements, has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, safe and reliable, LED lighting is not only a new life force in the field of future lighting source, and conform to the current government proposed the "build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society" requirements, the traditional incandescent lamp in the future five years will be phased out in our country.

Led eye lamp advantage.

(1) energy saving: LED eye lamp with LED light source has low energy consumption and high efficiency. General 3/4w high power LED light is comparable to the traditional lamp, and its brightness and width are fully capable of reading and learning. Because of the extremely high photoelectric conversion efficiency of LED eye lamp, the typical 150 hour power consumption is very good energy saving.

(2) environmental protection: led lamp is made of non-toxic materials. The traditional fluorescent lamp is contaminated with water and silver, and the led can be recycled and free of pollution. Compared with the traditional desk lamp light LED eye will not have heat and ultraviolet light spectrum, no radiation, glare, cold light source, can be directly touched, is a new type of green, no pollution, no radiation environmental protection light source.

(3) longevity: in theory the LED desk lamp LED the desk lamp that shield an eye 10 years don't have to change the bulb, 80-100 times that of ordinary light bulb, the actual life, of course, will be a little deviation, but its service life is much more than other light bulb is beyond dispute.

(4) health: the light source does not contain tungsten, mercury and other toxic heavy metals. The tungsten filament does not have the tungsten filament in the incandescent lamp or the mercury in the fluorescent lamp.

(5) safety: one of the led lamp USES 12V low voltage dc power supply, while 36V is the minimum voltage that the body can feel, and less than 36V power supply is safe for human body. The led light bulb with the second led eye lamp USES unique led technology, and there is no fragile glass parts, so it is safer to use.

(6) comfort: led the desk lamp that shield an eye light source adopts dc power supply, don't like using an alternating current will produce stroboscopic, led the lamp that shield an eye light is very soft, don't blink, even look no glaring feeling, really can do no stroboscopic, no dazzle, no uv must be led the lamp that shield an eye.

(7) protect vision: a slightly higher color temperature will not burden the human eye, and it will not cause the eyes to become bloated after reading or working for a long time. Combined with point 6, this reduces the level of fatigue in the eyes, which can help protect your eyesight.

How to choose led lamp?

The main body of the led lamp is the majority of young students. Undoubtedly, the healthy characteristics of led lamp, such as no frequency, no radiation and so on, can help teenagers to protect their eyesight. So how can we choose the LED lamp, which is both cheap and true, so that we can be satisfied with it? LED tao gives some reference standards for the purchase of LED lamp.

Led the desk lamp that shield an eye in addition to the broad masses of young students commonly used, some of them are also need to have a personal environment, also need to use the led the desk lamp that shield an eye as auxiliary light source, such as small scale space, don't want to disturb others led the desk lamp that shield an eye can meet the needs of independent lighting, or as an aid in the light of a laptop, a desktop, increase the comfort of local lighting.

Choose the reference standard of led lamp.

1. Appearance quality

The ideal reading light source should have the characteristics of close to natural light, no stun, brightness adjustable 4 to 6 and even light. In addition, the products, quality inspection certificate and other documents should be complete.

2. Color temperature value

The color temperature of the light bulb determines the softness of the light, too high and too low is not too good, 4000K to 5200K is suitable. The eye light of 4000K to 4500K is slightly redder and softer, suitable for primary school students. The color temperature of 4500K to 5200K is suitable for customers of middle school and above.

3. After-sales service

In the new light source technology more and more advanced today, the use of the eye lamp, the maintenance method is particularly important, so buy the priority to choose the famous brand and 100 yuan of products. At the point of purchase, the manufacturer will demonstrate and explain on the spot, until the consumer understands and understands the usage pattern, and the well-known brand has sufficient spare parts, such as the lamp tube, to ensure a rainy day.

With the development of the market led the desk lamp that shield an eye is just beginning, manufacturer of led the desk lamp that shield an eye is full of beautiful things in eyes, the price also is differ in thousands ways for consumers, therefore, the choose and buy led the desk lamp that shield an eye is more cautious. Need to be able to choose and buy the real quality, can meet the standard that shield an eye LED the lamp that shield an eye, don't be alone a concept or to be cheap, spent money not reach effect, even will have damage to the eyes.