How to choose the eye lamp that students use?

2018-03-02 11:10:46 cdw 40

Do you know the lamp used by the students? We all know that protecting our eyes is the lesson of our life. The students are in the rapid growth stage, should protect the window of this pair of hearts. The eye protection can be reflected in many details, LED lamp lamp can greatly alleviate eyesight fatigue, protect the eyes from harm. How to choose the LED lamp, and how to use the LED lamp in the learning process, lang is the best person to know.

LED lamp is used for reading, writing, designing, marking, etc. For those who do desktop learning, it is of great benefit to ensure a good visual environment in the working area, improve the quality of study and office, improve work efficiency, and protect the health. Only fully understanding the characteristics of lighting and choosing the appropriate lamps and lanterns, in order to make our study and work become more relaxed and comfortable, the body become more healthy, life become more rich and colorful, work more pleasant.

In the use of LED desk lamp, if the light intensity of illumination and color rendering is not enough, can make the reader excessive use of vision and cause eye fatigue, and lights to chronically stroboscopic light or a glare can give a person visual nerve system bring serious damage, so pay special attention to the quality of the lighting. From the perspective of satisfying human's lighting comfort and health, and considering energy saving,LED lamp should have five conditions:

Eye lamp used by students.

1. There should be enough illumination for desktop lighting.

At present our country is generally used to schools and offices and other places of lighting lighting design standard is set by the 80 s, including office, study desk illuminance standard is only 1/2 of the international standard, the international standard for 300-500 lux (lx), and about 150 lux in China standard. Too low or too high will make reading difficult, which can easily lead to reading fatigue and affect reading and working efficiency.

2. The light should be stable.

If the lights are bright enough, but they are constantly flashing, the light is not stable enough, and we call it "stroking". Visual fatigue can occur when the frequency flash exceeds a certain range. And long-term visual fatigue can cause damage to human visual system. Today, especially in the increasing popularity of computer, many people use computers in light, fluorescent lamp inductance ballasts usually stroboscopic and screen frame picture flashing (replacement screen 50-100 times per second) overlap, the formation of resonance, light on the human visual system damage is greater. Reading or working in this kind of lighting environment for a long period of time can damage the eyes, and can cause symptoms such as swelling and headache, and usually cannot be found.

3. The color index is not less than 80.

The color rendering index is the degree of reduction of light to color - we call it color rendering. Under the light of low color index (general fluorescence lamp is 60-70), the eyes have low resolution of color, which is easy to cause visual fatigue. General table lamp illuminative index should not less than 80.

4. No glare

After the human eye is affected by glare, can feel stimulation and oppression and loss of lively and comfortable atmosphere, slightly long can produce feeling bored, anxious anxious mood, such as to read and work can bring serious adverse effects.

5. Use green lighting products.

Promote the energy-saving light source has been the energy-saving policy of our country, advocate green lighting is friendly to environment, to make the lighting products without causing adverse effects to the environment and can reflect the lighting culture of modern civilization at the same time. The core of green lighting is to choose efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection light source, accessories and lamps. Only fully save energy and reduce power plant of atmospheric CO2, SO2 and NOx emissions, to reduce the greenhouse effect causes global warming, reduce the production of acid rain, avoid human life for a long time in a certain concentration of SO2 and NOx in the air of respiratory and other diseases.