Longshine's brand "RONSHINNING" registered successfully and officially launched the brand strategy

2018-03-01 17:42:31 cdw 3

Recently, Guangzhou Longshine Lighting Technology Co., Ltd successfully received a Trademark Registration Certificate "RONSHINING" that issued by State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office . No.15048705, trademark is valid until November 2025.

Since founded,Guangzhou Longshine Lighting Technology Co., Ltd has been focusing on LED creative desk lamps also covers the full range of design, development, production, sales and service. And now products have been extending to segment of LED reading desk lamp,LED intelligent audio entertainment atmosphere desk lamp(Mobile App control,Bluetooth 4.0 technology program),LED growing plant desk lamp,LED piano desk lamp etc. With distinctive original design and product development, quality control, Guangzhou Longshine Lighting technology Co., Ltd is taking the sudden emergence of a place in the LED lamp market, and successfully become the long-term partners of some well known brands such as FSL Lighting,CHNT,MISNO.

To better suit the need of customers and market,Longshine started launch company's brand marketing stratege. And our trademark "RONSHINNG" registered successfully which provids us more effective protection and support.

In the future,Longshine will continue to focus on the field of LED desk  lamps, continue to develop more original lamp product quality, provide consumers with more high-quality products to choose from. Thanks.