What about led lamps? What's the good of it?

2018-03-02 11:38:15 cdw 45

Led lamps are becoming more and more popular with consumers, and there are a lot of doubts about it. What about led lamps? Led desk lamp manufacturer engineers here briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of led table lamps, which can be used by consumers for reference.

The main disadvantages of LED lamp lamp are as follows:

(1) uneven quality, low entry threshold of LED industry, large difference in quality of all kinds of LED chips, and no distinction between ordinary consumers, so the market is quite chaotic.

(2) in the initial stage, LED lighting is mainly applied to large-scale landscape lighting, which is not suitable for high use eye environment.

(3) blue light intensity is high, blue light is harmful, and the eyes are extremely vulnerable.

(4) monochromatic light source, the color spectrum is too narrow, the optic nerve of the eye can have effect, easily fatigue.

(5)LED light beads, which can be worn out in a few years and cannot be replaced, can easily cause the whole lamp to be scrapped.

(6) the color temperature is more than 5000K, and the pure white is bright and dazzling.

(7) low-skilled LED eye lamps produce light flickers and radiation.

(8) the adaptor is generally shorter than the LED light bulb, and the transformer is easier.

The main advantages of LED lamp lamp are as follows:

(1) environmental protection: no pollution, no uv, no infrared and no thermal radiation;

(2) low energy consumption design, 150 hours of electricity consumption, the lamp is provided with sufficient illumination, the power is smaller the better. The light source produced by semiconductor technology has extremely high photoelectric conversion efficiency, so that you can provide the electric energy to the maximum extent to the light. Dc power supply effectively eliminates the additional electromagnetic loss and further reduces the overall energy consumption, making the whole machine power less than 7.5w.

(3) long life light source, 10 years without changing the light bulb, is 100 times of the ordinary bulb.

(4) the light source does not contain tungsten, mercury and other toxic heavy metals. The tungsten filament does not have the tungsten filament in the incandescent lamp or the mercury in the fluorescent lamp.

(5) safety.12V low voltage dc supply; There are no fragile glass parts to ensure the safety of the user.36V is the minimum voltage that the body can feel, and less than 36V power supply is safe for the human body. You don't even need a 3C certification. Dc power supply eliminates the electromagnetic radiation pollution of high frequency ac.