21/5000 LED product price probe "innovation zhongshan" how to produce force?

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At present, there are more than 230 traditional lighting enterprises in xiaolan town into LED lighting. LED street lamps, LED lamps and decorative lamp belts have obvious advantages in the industry.

We will break through the constraints of production factors to carry out structural adjustment, use science and technology to drive product innovation, and seize the high-end segment of high-end industry and industrial chain.

For the problem solving

The model design is completed in the United States, raw materials are produced in Japan and Taiwan, manufacturing and assembly in Indonesia, Malaysia and China, and China is also responsible for the supply of cotton cloth... Mattel, a brand, makes $8 from a barbie doll, while Chinese companies in charge of the product chain earn just $0.35.

The well-known "barbie" story, but hit the "made in zhongshan" facing the embarrassment of: on the one hand is part of the chain predicament, on the one hand is the high-end product supply. On the supply side in the context of structural reform, the independent innovation demonstration zone of the pearl river delta in the face of development opportunity, how should "innovation" of zhongshan, zhongshan industrial change to hand over the answer of how again?

Drive innovation

About the "barbie doll" industry chain, wood linson executive general manager Lin jiliang felt the same.

"The market price of LED packaging has been halved twice in the past two years." Lin Jiliang admitted that even occupy packaging industry components absolute cost advantage and scale advantage, competition is fierce, nearly two years in the middle and lower reaches of LED packaging products industry as a whole the price down, half of the price is 2014 to 2013.

It is down 50% from the year before. In the previous round driven factors in the international division of production, "made in zhongshan" even in the industrial chain of the most low-end, can have the opportunity to grow, and many industry cluster and expand economy directly. Inexorably, a new opportunity to reconstruct the world manufacturing industry innovation drive, rich highlight industry weakness of oversupply of capacity, and the industry chain supply of high-end products with structural concerns. Like mullinson, many zhongshan enterprises have begun to break through the restriction of production factors to make structural adjustment, so as to create an innovative drive to seize the advantage of industrial chain space.


Lack of vertical specialization.

Located in the west bank of the pearl river delta zhongshan, "small enterprises, large production; Small accessories, big collaboration; The model of small commodity and big market has brought more flexible market vitality to the industry, and then it has evolved into a vibrant and distinctive professional town.

On February 29, when mullinson formally released the 2015 annual performance report, Lin jiliang was leading the team to attend the 2016 Frankfurt lighting exhibition in Germany. Over the past year, wood Tomlinson successively exhibition lighting lighting exhibition in the United States, Russia, Turkey international lighting fair, guangzhou international lighting fair, Shanghai international lighting fair and other kinds of different appearance, the exhibition is not only about marketing strategy.

"Influenced by international market exchange rate fluctuations, China LED lighting export growth has slowed in the end of 2014, 2015, influenced by the boom of the global economy is low, the LED lighting demand weak, despite the rise in July 5 - demand, but supply exceeds demand and market competition, in the first half of price declines in 30-50%, LED industry chain of international enterprise product prices also fell more than 20%." Similar to the current situation of the LED industry mentioned in the annual report of mullinson, in 2015, the company's operating income was 3.882 billion yuan, down 3% from the previous year, while net profit was only 256 million, down by 40.98% year on year.

As LED industry matures, in the field of LED in the middle and lower reaches of the packaging industry, competing on price competition began to appear, such as product homogeneity "LED a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, some of the bankrupt enterprise are selling stock at a lower price, the impact to the market and form a vicious circle."

In the face of the industry development bottleneck, it is a common dilemma faced by many zhongshan enterprises:

"Pearl river water, guangdong grain, guangdong household appliance, lingnan clothing" and so on wide goods marketing national time, zhongshan's clothing, furniture, household appliances and other industrial clusters also gradually developed, famous. When the industry cluster development to a certain stage, many township has formed a considerable size of the specialized market, but the interior of the industrial cluster of vertical specialization is not obvious, lead to homogeneity and low production of common problems in the industry.

Guangdong academy of social sciences dean Wang Jun scholars in the study, points out that most of the pearl river delta industrial cluster internal did not form the collaboration relationship between upstream and downstream industry chain, also is only a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in geographical space on a simple cluster and loose contact, almost all the enterprises engaged in essentially the same product or service, as a single enterprise in a certain region on a large number of replication, resulting in vicious competition, is not conducive to the improvement of productivity.

In the face of the production of the homogeneity between enterprises and the lack of the current situation of the division of labor, how should zhongshan take the power of innovation to make structural adjustment from the supply-side force to the industry?

Scale integration.

Industrial chain structural optimization.

"Our industry has entered a consolidation phase, the development of increasingly need scale, scattered too widely to bring enterprise competitiveness, by raising their own size or concentration, to accelerate industrial progress and healthy development of led industry. Because of the technology to catch up with the international brand, the patent is still blocked, we can have a certain market share in quantity and price, so as to accumulate strength for future development and progress. Zhou lihong, deputy general manager of wood linson lighting, said in public that large-scale operation and integration of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain through mergers and acquisitions will be the direction of the future transformation of mullinson. On November 7 last year, Mr Mullinson announced plans to take part in a bid for some of the lighting business assets of the LED national giant OSRAM Licht AG(OSRAM).

Chen liangxian, deputy secretary and mayor of zhongshan, pointed out that zhongshan will also strengthen supply-side structural reform. These include focusing on improving the quality of products, including encouraging mergers and reorganizations, and making mergers and acquisitions bigger and stronger. In accordance with the principle of market dominance and government promotion, zhongshan will step up efforts to support enterprise merger and reorganization, integrate inefficient production capacity and cultivate a large number of backbone enterprises.

"Innovation requires a lot of money, talent, and a lot of risk." 'the more traditional the industry is, the harder it is to innovate,' Mr. Liang said. In the case of market pressure, it is not easy for zhongshan enterprises to maintain a high level of innovation.

In recent years, ocean motor has also made frequent increase in capital increase and acquisition. On January 9, the company announced that it would improve the company's industrial chain and raise RMB 100 million yuan to an industrial fund in qianhai, shenzhen, in order to give full play to its industrial advantages. With the help of the professional capital operation service and the new energy industry chain layout of the industry fund, it will provide strategic support for the strategic layout of the new energy automobile industry.

The relevant person in charge of finance agency said in an interview, zhongshan city, large enterprises, especially listed companies, talent and capital to gather the ability stronger, "such as the east side of the general education, the use of funds and its influence on the east side to set up an intelligent education park, and gradually form a industry. Like ocean motor is also the advantage of capital and technology to form new energy automobile industry. The palm garden is the first ecological garden construction in the country, and it also has some influence and effect in the whole country.

In fact, this is based on the industry leading industry consolidation of vertical specialization in internal, the external horizontal merger integration scale agglomeration, in the industry point of view, it is based on the supply side of the town zhongshan discipline reform path. Therefore, the internal comparative advantage of zhongshan industry, resource endowment, innovation endowment and other advanced production factors have been played out.

And through specialized division of labor and merger and acquisition integration to capacity, industrial clusters began to expand to the high-end industry chain. Among them, a complete industrial chain cluster will gradually be promoted to the innovation chain cluster, and the comparative advantage of the region will be transformed into a competitive advantage to participate in the global value chain competition.

In terms of strengthening transformation and upgrading, and promote structural optimization, zhongshan will expand effective supply and improve product quality, to develop the intelligent manufacturing, advanced equipment manufacturing and modern service industry, the advantages of traditional industries, preempt the high-end industry and industry of high-end, with effective supply by transformation and upgrading, achieve supply side and demand side of the "seamless".

Hard innovation exploration

Technological innovation of innovation subject.

In the information service center of changbao technology, a high-speed computer screen is running on a high-speed computer screen, continuously refreshing the moving data of the vehicle. Behind the data, it is connected to tens of thousands of school buses and buses through the beidou /GPS satellite positioning system.

"Fitted on the vehicle positioning vehicle traveling data recorder, beidou/GPS vehicle images, sound and dynamic data records all the transport vehicle traffic status and related information, feedback to the regulatory path command integration platform", competitive beidou navigation application field, aimed at the government technology of tube and tubular plate in vehicle outline for technical innovation, school buses and other public traffic safety problem solved.

As the subject of innovation, more and more zhongshan enterprises have begun to compete for market power through independent innovation.

Last year, zhongshan built the "1+4+N" innovation-driven development policy system, adding 208 new high-tech enterprises and 427 new high-tech enterprises. The innovation-driven "big four" has doubled or nearly doubled in 2014, ranking among the top in the province. Last year, new new type six r&d institutions at the provincial level, municipal zhongshan 24 new research and development institutions, provincial science and technology business incubators, three new city 23, invention patent applications throughout the year 4867, 992 grant.

The growth rate of high-tech enterprises in zhongshan was also the first in the province last year. The innovative enterprises in zhongshan showed the trend of blowout, and the innovative role played by enterprises in the city became more and more prominent. "Innovation, in addition to the concept of innovation, is the creation and innovation of the enterprise itself. The innovation of the enterprise itself is also easier to connect with the market and industry. In an interview, huang zhenqiu, a member of the Chinese people's political consultative conference, said in an interview.

In recent years, according to market changes and demand, and constantly upgrading our products through innovation, from the grinding lenses to prime lens to zoom lens, more and more high technology content, the added value of products is becoming more and more high. In the world take the lead in research and development and the combination of the Internet hd, 4 k optical technology, not only the united the world in the field of photoelectric monitoring become all-in-one, also let double its annual sales revenue growth in recent years.

"Product and process innovation is hard innovation, which represents the core competitiveness of an enterprise and occupies a fundamental position in all innovation indicators. And organization and marketing innovation belongs to soft innovation, generally focus on market and short - term effect. Zhongshan economic dean Liang Shilun said: "from the provincial level, enterprise innovation of 'soft' is far higher than the proportion of hard innovation, this is because the product and process innovation requires continuous r&d investment and manpower, and has higher risk. The investment of zhongshan enterprises in hard innovation is higher than the average level of the province, indicating that the innovation driving strategy of zhongshan has achieved initial results and the city's innovation power is also increasing.