I. after-sales service provided by the company.

1. Consulting service: users can call the free hotline at 020-29886015 or visit http://www.longshine-led.com.

2. Replacement service: during the period of the contract, if the product is found to be caused by the manufacturer's quality, the user can change the product at the dealer for free (the appearance is damaged and the warranty is handled).

3. Warranty service: within the warranty period, if there is a quality problem, the user can go to the local after-sales service center to enjoy the warranty service. There is no after-sales service center, the user can entrust the dealer to carry out the warranty service.

4. Maintenance service: during the maintenance period, if there is any quality problem, the user can go to the local after-sales service center or entrust the dealer to ask for maintenance service.

2. Free warranty within one year of the whole machine.


1. The purchase date shall be subject to the date of the purchase certificate (no purchase invoice is subject to the production date).

2. The company does not assume the after-sales service obligations of the products sold by the company.

3. The quality problem does not include the subjective objection of the user to the sound quality and timbre.

4. Replacement or warranty service is limited to the use of the general effective: all the artificial damage, such as the user to tear open machine, use, improper connection access inappropriate voltage of power supply, not in accordance with the manual use, etc.), due to transportation and other accidental damage, natural disasters and other force majeure, such as maintenance and modification of approved by the company is beyond the scope of free warranty replacement or; The maintenance services are properly charged.

5. Only functional repair for the service of discontinued model products (the appearance may be different from the original product)

6. The warranty service does not cover the shell, instruction, and packaging.

3. Please carry warranty card and product purchase voucher when requesting service. The warranty card shall not be altered or invalid.

4. Before using the company's products, please read the instructions carefully.

(note: the company reserves the right to the final interpretation of the after-sales service of the product)